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The home takes into account the residents’ interests, skills, experiences, personalities and medical conditions when planning their social care. Initially, information on the health and social needs are obtained during a pre-admission assessment. The home offers a wide range of activities designed to encourage the resident to keep mobile, and most importantly take an interest in life. 

Individuals are free to choose how they wish to spend their days and are encouraged, and assisted where practicable, to pursue their hobbies and interests, either in the home or by use of local facilities. Every month a resident's meeting takes place so that we can hear the views of the residents.  This includes social activities and the residents are involved in formulating an activities program through consultation and this is amended to accommodate their changing wishes.


The program is designed to consider the needs of the client group, including those with disabilities. Where necessary, external professionals are engaged to complement the skills available in-house.  We have regular entertainment in the home such as games, sing-a-longs and quizzes.  There is also a plentiful supply of books, DVD’s and games.  Arts and crafts materials are also available and activities such as card making take place.  We celebrate special occasions such as a resident’s birthday, Christmas, New Year, Easter, and other events during the year.

Outings are arranged by the home and travel to and from these is in the home's vehicle which, adapted for wheelchairs and other disabled requirements, is also available for visits to doctors and other journeys.  All outings are geared to residents’ needs and capabilities and due to this a limited number of residents can go on anyone outing.  Trips are also planned in accordance with facilities for the disabled being accessible. Throughout the summer months regular outings are arranged around the Isle of Wight.   

The winter months see more “in-house” entertainment and various organisations and the local schools provide a selection of entertainment, especially over the Christmas period. 
The home is also situated within easy access of the town which has various shops, services and a library.  Links with the local community are encouraged.

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