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 For further information contact:


Jessica McGovern - Manager
St Vincents Retirement Home  

Binstead Road 
Ryde Isle of Wight  

PO33 3NB

Tel: 01983 563248


or use our contact form



How to Find Us

By train to Portsmouth Harbour, then by a short trip on the “FastCat” a regular catamaran service to Ryde Pier Head;


or by hovercraft from Southsea to Ryde Esplanade;


or Red Jet from Southampton to Cowes. If sufficient notice is given, transport can be arranged.


Taxis are, however, readily available.


There are car ferries from Portsmouth to Fishbourne, Lymington to Yarmouth, and Southampton to East Cowes.  


For further details of travel and crossing times contact: 

T: 0990 827744 


T: 01983 811000 


Red Funnel 
T: 0844 844 9988


We believe having regular contact with family, friends and the wider community outside the home is a crucial part of living a fulfilled and healthy life.  Families and friends are welcome to visit at any time convenient to the individual resident and to become involved in the daily routine and activities of the home, if the resident wishes.
Residents are also encouraged to continue to visit friends and relatives and any organisation in which they are involved in.

We respect the wishes of each individual as to whom they want to see or not see.

We operate an open visiting policy in the home and encourage visits.              
For fire safety precautions, it is a requirement that visitors sign in and out of the visitor’s book in the front entrance. We request that all visitors observe the health and safety notices displayed. 
Please note that visitors are not permitted to smoke anywhere inside of the building. This is a statutory requirement which we would ask all visitors to respect at all times. 

All visitors must conduct themselves in such a manner as not to disturb the peaceful environment of the Home.  At all times staff should be allowed to go about their duties free from the threat or perceived threat of violence or intimidation. 

An adult must at all times supervise person’s whom visit under the age of 16.  

If you are unable to visit as often as you would wish, you may telephone at any time of the day.   

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